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Thankyou for your interest, you've just taken the 1st step on a healthier life, free from TAR!

If you're one of the thousands of people who are looking at a cheaper and healthier way to smoke, legally, then the e-cig is for you.

A typical cigarette has in the region of 4000 chemicals in it, from lead & arsenic to carbon monoxide & cyanide. An electric cigarette does not! Abbreviated to e-cig, electric cigarettes looks just like a regular cigarette, they give off a vapour (smoke) and with varying strengths of nicotine available the electronic cigarette lets you enjoy a smoke without all the down sides:

Imagine your clothes smelling clean and fresh & not having smokers breath, with an electronic cigarette you get the benefits without the problems.

We offer a great range of electric cigarette kits, from the popular white mini kit to the revolutionary TITAN 510, click here, electronic cigarette to see the TITAN in detail, you're guaranteed to find something you like.


1. There is no TAR in an ecigarette.
2. There is no carbon monoxide, cyanide or lead in them.
3. They are cheaper than buying tobacco cigarettes.
4. they are legal to use anywhere!



Is it a good idea to put the e-liquid directly onto the atomizer or not?  There is some debate at the moment as to the merits of applying the e-liquid directly onto the atomizer itself, as a company we have decided not to promote this technique as the long term damage to the atomizer isn’t clear, and given the cost of the atomizer plus the additional inconvenience of having a broken atomizer, we recommend for the time being to continue the usual technique of adding 2-3 drops of your favourite e-liquid directly into the cartridge.  Please remember that the cartridge cannot be refilled indefinitely.  The small piece of lint that is inside a cartridge, used to absorb the e-liquid, will over time become less efficient – we recommend only refilling a cartridge 6-10 times, after that please dispose of the cartridge and start refilling another one.  All our e-liquids come in easy to use bottles, no mess, no fuss application.



Do you want to kick your smoking habit? We understand how hard a smoking habit is to quit. Everyone is aware of the health problems that smoking can cause, which is why we want to introduce the electronic cigarette!. Our company ships electronic cigarettes all over the UK and Internationally. We have been selling the electronic cigarette for over 3 years now and we are confident that once you test electronic cigarettes you'll not go back to traditional cigarettes.  We are the only company in the UK to guarantee the highest standards and quality control of our product because we assemble and box them in the UK.


The e-cig is made up of a cartridge which holds a small amount nicotine and water and is battery operated. Your cravings are suppressed when you inhale; you get a taste of tobacco as well as a nicotine hit. It’s shaped like a cigarette so you can feel that, when you are holding the e-cig, you are still smoking.

Electric Cigarette

The electric cigarette leaves no unpleasant smell on you, your clothes and doesn’t leave a lingering odour in a room. The electric cigarettes emit a vapour which looks like smoke but it disappears almost instantly. Legally, you are allowed to use electric cigarettes anywhere because they are do not emit harmful fumes like cigarettes do so there is no concern for passive smoking so they are not harmful to anyone’s health.

Electric Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes have renewable cartridges which are available in four different strengths: normal, medium, low and no nicotine. If you order online they will usually be sent out to you within 48 hours usually dispatched on the same day. The renewable electric cigarettes cartridges will last relatively the same amount of time as 15-20 normal cigarettes saving you a considerable amount of money, we GUARANTEE you'll make a fantastic saving using an electric cigarette.

Electronic Cigs

Electronic cigs are a brand new way of stopping smoking, as well as being legal to smoke in public places. Electronic cigs are a healthy alternative for traditional cigarettes when you want to quit smoking. They have the same tobacco taste as normal cigarettes, plus the electronic cigs still contain nicotine, but they have none of the toxins such as carbon monoxide that you would find in a cigarette.