What Makes Electronic Cigarettes So Special?

an-electronic-cigaretteIf you’re not familiar with electronic cigarettes, you should know they look and feel like your regular tobacco cigarette, however, there is one big difference: they are cheaper, more versatile and less bad for your health.

When we say cheaper. We do mean just that: e cigarettes cost less to maintain as a habit than your regular tobacco. In case you didn’t know it yet, the average smoker in the UK spends around £300 per month on cigarettes. When you think about it, that literally just goes up in smoke every month. With electronic cigarettes, however, your biggest cost will be the starter kit, but it won’t even cost you £200. Most e-cigarette smokers agree that £200 is too expensive for a starter kit and that the best ones to buy are the ones that cost only between £60 to £80.

A starter kit contains, a batter charger pack, the e-cigarette itself and some cartridges. When you’re done smoking all the cartridges, you only have to order new packs to continue smoking. Cartridge cost less than £10 and do last longer than tobacco cigarettes.

But aside from their cheap price, however, there are a few things that make e-cigs special. One of them is that you control the amount of nicotine you ingest everyday. Cartridges actually come in different strengths of nicotine – light, medium and strong. You increase or decrease your nicotine intake just by buying the appropriate cartridge, although we’d rather you buy a cartridge with no nicotine at all.

Aside from flexible nicotine levels, e-cigs are special in that they come in different flavors. While tobacco and menthol flavors are the most obvious, did you know that you can actually buy fruit flavors, and cinnamon and vanilla as well? If you want to know about the full-breadth of e-cigarette flavors, just search for it online.

Can you go wrong buying electronic cigarettes? That really depends on how you use it. Just because they don’t contain any tar, it doesn’t mean that there’s no danger in smoking them. As it is, health experts have not yet determined how smoking vaporized nicotine can affect your health. There are also concerns that manufacturers are not really disclosing what ingredients actually go into cartridges.

That said, you shouldn’t smoke e-cigs without any breaks. Instead, take things in moderation. Whenever possible, you should smoke them like they were hookah, which is to say that you should only be smoking the flavors, not the nicotine.

Anyway, electronic cigarettes have definitely come a long way from when they first started out in China. Although they were first thought to be drug delivery devices, different countries in the world are making sure that that isn’t happening by producing the e-cigs themselves.

If you want to try e-cigarettes, make sure you do some comparison shopping with at least three websites before buying. Also, do some research as to which brands are popular among smokers. You can’t go wrong that way.

Several Interesting Facts About Electonic Cigarettes You Probably Did Not Know

inside-an-ecigThe electronic cigarette was first introduced to American smokers in 2007. This cigarette offers an alternative to smokers who are addicted to the nicotine that is found in regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes look very similar to regular cigarettes on the surface. However, if you were to take a peek inside of the electronic cigarette you would notice vast differences.

One of the major differences between these types of cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes or ‘e-cigs’ do not contain tobacco. These cigarettes contain mechanisms and devices that warm up the liquid nicotine that is contained inside of the e-cigarette. The liquid nicotine is transformed into a vapor that smokers breathe in and exhale.

Although manufacturers of e-cigarettes as well as customers sing the praises of this alternative form of smoking, health officials are not so quick to give electronic cigarettes the green light. These officials are concerned about any possible long term side effects from the use of electronic cigarettes. The officials do agree that e-cigarettes are viable options for those who are want to stop smoking and reduce their addiction to nicotine.

Since these cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they are not subjected to the same U.S. tobacco laws as traditional cigarettes. This means that they can be sold and purchased without any restrictions, and can even be purchased online.
Those who support electronic cigarettes say that they feel better since they have started using the devices and they are able to save money because e-cigarettes can be reused. Many smokers still question whether the e-cig is healthier for them than regular cigarettes, and there are several interesting facts that will help you determine if it is an option for you.

There Is No Smoking Involved

Unlike their traditional counterparts, you do not need fire by a match or a lighter in order to use the e-cigarette. The cigarette operates with a battery, cartridge and a vaporization chamber. The cartridge holds the liquid nicotine. Smokers will puff on the electronic cigarette as normal and the liquid nicotine will become heated. The liquid is then released as vapor.

The Level Of Nicotine In An Electronic Cigarette

An eliquid can contain just as much nicotine as a traditional cigarette and even more. Customers can choose the amount of liquid nicotine that is contained in their e-cigarette based on the cartridge they purchase. Many smokers who have just started the transition from smoking regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes will purchase the strongest cartridge strength and gradually reduce their nicotine dependence by using cartridges that contain less nicotine.

Electronic Cigarettes Must Be Maintained

Even though these cigarettes are battery powered, it is still important to maintain them properly. You may find that you will need to charge your battery more often than you would like to, but this is based on the battery that you purchase and the type of electronic cigarette that you purchase.

These are just a few of the things that you should be aware of if you are thinking about using electronic cigarettes to help you stop smoking. This smoking cessation tool will allow you to gradually reduce your dependence on nicotine and hopefully help you kick your smoking habit for good.

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What To Watch Out For When Reading E Cig Reviews

electronic-cigarettes-reviewsMany smokers are today looking at alternatives to their regular cigarettes. One of the main alternatives on today’s market are electronic cigarettes, also known as “vaping.” But if you’re new to E-cigs it may be daunting trying to decide which brand and make you want to go with.

Thankfully, the explosion in popularity of electronic cigarettes has led to many people trying them out and reviewing them on the internet. Reading reviews is always a great way to get a feel of a new product unknown to you, but there are some things to know and consider before taking any review as gospel. This is especially true for electronic cigarettes. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it’s important to keep in mind that this is your health being dealt with.

The first thing to consider about an E-cig review is the source. Is it reliable? Is it someone you trust? If it’s someone you trust to be a reliable and honest person, then their advice might work for you. You should also be wary of any reviewers working for a website that may receive monetary or other compensation for giving a good review to a certain company.

Next, does the review go into specifics, or is it very generic? Things to watch for are general, sweeping statements that could apply to any E-cig, like “good vaping,” or “nice flavors” without being specific about which flavors and how they exactly taste. A good review will go into details, assuming the product was actually tested by the reviewer.

Lastly, you want to check how old the review is. Older reviews tend to be out of date and may not apply to any E-cigs currently on the market. Older ones may have also come out before any health issues related to vaping were known, and therefore be woefully inaccurate in those areas.

Choosing to make the switch from real cigarettes to E-cigs is a great stop on the road to quitting smoking or just to make a minor lifestyle change. However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the reviews you are reading while you research which brand is right for you. By being vigilant about the authenticity and the authority of the review you are essentially taking better care of your health and yourself. Good luck on your search.